Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doing the Hakka

About a year ago, when I started this blog, I wrote about my favourite places to eat. It's time to add a new one: Hakka Chinese Restaurant on Milton Road in Cambridge (just off Mitcham's Corner).

From the outside, surrounded by fast food shops and little corner shops, it looks rather unexciting, but don't be fooled. Inside, a huge selection of culinary delights awaits. As a place for a civilised business lunch, it's extremely pleasant, but it really excels for evening meals. My advice is not to bother with the menu, but simply let them choose a meal for you and they'll bring you plate after plate of gorgeous food until you beg them to stop. Last night I went with the kids and Johnnie, and they brought us sixteen dishes. I don't eat the stuff, but everyone assures me that their king prawns and their squid are simply the best ever. For me, it's the sea bass and the aromatic duck that gets my vote. But just put yourself in their hands and treat yourself to a surprise meal.

They're really friendly too, whether you're there with colleagues or family. It's not the cheapest of places to eat, but neither is it scarily expensive, and by God, it's a meal you'll remember.

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