Friday, August 15, 2008

Cormorant Close revives

After several days of watching everyone else's festival submissions (for Dragon*Con and Cambridge), I finally got off my butt and decided it was time to get something of my own into a festival once again. With deadlines for New York & Montreal looming, I felt the need to get Cormorant Close done. So today was one marathon eleven-hour stint in front of Moviestorm.

I treated the previous cut as pre-viz and completely re-shot and re-edited the entire thing from scratch using Moviestorm 1.1. No dev code, and just one piece of custom content (which I did in Photoshop and didn't require Modder's Workshop). Editing was done in Premiere, but apart from that, there's nothing in it that the ordinary Moviestorm user couldn't do.

It would be nice to report complete success, but honesty forces me to confess that when I checked the final render, I spotted three minor glitches which I'd noticed earlier but was too damn tired to remember to fix. So I'll sort them out tomorrow and send the final cut off to Tash for the music, and with luck we'll get it finished in plenty of time to submit.

Who says festivals don't motivate people?

1 comment:

Matt "The Mongoose" Kelland said...

"I'll sort them out tomorrow". Well, Sunday.

Doesn't look like we'll make the NY submission date, though.