Monday, June 9, 2008

Looking for machinima documentaries

I'm giving a talk at the Serious Games Conference in Cambridge in a couple of weeks' time. One of my co-presenters asked me the following question. Can anyone help?
Do you know of any machinima-based instructional vids (i.e. with a machinima presenter instructing you on how to cook/drive/whatever)? Or any machinima scientific visualisation (inside the aorta, car engine, planets etc)?
Any suggestions, anyone?


Matt "The Mongoose" Kelland said...

Update: Hugh's just pointed me at Aimee Weber's Tour of the Solar System.

Pineapple Pictures said...

We just illustrated a cookery book ..I know it's not a video..any use?

bllius said...

Matt "The Mongoose" Kelland said...

Ask, and the denizens of cyberspace shall answer.

Thanks, people.