Monday, June 2, 2008

Don't stop me now!

All my actors have accepted their roles in Cormorant Close, and my first choice composer is on board too, so I can't back out now. The final draft script went out at the weekend, and the voice recording session is booked for Friday.

Meanwhile, Julian, one of the Moviestorm programmers, has revealed that in addition to moonlighting as a lighting engineer, he knows his way round a sound deck too, so I have an audio engineer to set everything up and press buttons, leaving me to concentrate on getting the performances I'm after. It almost feels like we're doing this job properly!

All being well, the rough cut will go to the composer next Sunday, and I can then start casting the next one, Stalker. I finished the script for that last weekend, but I'm waiting to hear the next two batches of actors before casting it.

And in the meantime, I'm waiting with bated breath for Overman's new movie, which is due out shortly. He's promised me a sneak preview in the next day or so.

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