Sunday, June 8, 2008

End of day one. Behind schedule already.

Today I managed to get all the dialogue in, the entire movie blocked out, and the camerawork and detailed choreography for the first half sorted. Then I got distracted by roasting a chicken and watching the Canadian GP, so I didn't get round to finishing the choreography and camerawork, let alone putting together a rough edit, credits or titles. MaƱana.

I also got distracted by watching Pathfinder, which was a big mistake, cos it was utter dross. Imagine a mish-mash of Apocalypto, Rambo, The Thirteenth Warrior, Black Robe, and Conan The Barbarian, shot by a music video director who wishes he was Ridley Scott. It's solid action, with an interesting premise (Vikings vs Native Americans), and yet it completely failed to engage me on any level. OK, the sound engineering was damn good. But that wasn't a good enough reason to get all the way through it.

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Pineapple Pictures said...

Oh Grand Prix? For a moment there I thought you were conducting surveillance on a Canadian Doctor lol. Looking forward to seeing your movie Matt, Kate