Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Looking for voice actors & actresses in Cambridge

Is there anyone in or around Cambridge (UK) who would want to lend their voices on an occasional basis?

Mostly I'm looking for people to work on my own Mongoose Movies productions. I can use voice actors of just about any age, and a wide range of ethnic, regional and national accents would be more than welcome. I'm aiming to build up a list of about 20-30 people I can call on, as my mimicry talents are now getting to their limits! My films currently in production range from short 2-minute clips to one full-length feature.

There is also the possibility of some occasional paid work for Short Fuze, doing voice-overs for Moviestorm promo films. These will mostly be clips of 2-3 minutes or less.

Reply to matt [dot] kelland {at} moviestorm [dot] co [dot] uk
Before I get inundated with offers from far and wide, or comments about how I could use the mighty Internet to record remotely, I'd better say straight out that I much prefer to record face to face. Much though I'd absolutely love to work with some of the people I know who are scattered across the globe (yes, Mr Grove, Mr Rice, and so on, that means you!), I find it much easier to work with an actor in the same room. I'm quite picky about the vocal performance I'm after, and I don't find I can establish the rapport when I can't see the person and give silent direction with body language, facial gestures, and so on. I also prefer to have several actors in the same room when they record dialogue so that they can feed off each other. This isn't to say that remote recording can't work or isn't a damn good idea, it's just that it's not the method I'm most comfortable with.

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Hugh said...

I enjoy voice acting, so I'd be happy to do so if I'm in Cambridge - or give me a bit of notice and I'll come down!