Sunday, April 13, 2008

Help - I need a logo!

I need to be able, for obvious reasons, to distinguish between films I do for work, and those I'm making off my own bat, in my spare time, and which I don't want to have associated with Short Fuze. (And which Short Fuze would probably need to distance itself from anyway, for all sorts of reasons.) So the next personal film I do will be released under the Mongoose Movies banner.

(I tried the following, but they're all taken already: Mongoose Studios, Mongoose Productions, Mongoose Films and Kelland Productions.)

Anyways, MM needs a logo. I know exactly what I want, but I'm not a graphic artist and I can't draw it myself. I'm after a really simple line drawing of a mongoose rearing up and twisting around. Ideally, it should be really stylised, a bit like a Chinese brush painting, using as few lines as possible to convey the shape. Something like this, for example, but with even fewer brush strokes if that can be done ...

I'm after a pose a bit like this tiger, with the head turned back, the mouth open, and the body curved sinuously, and the impression of intense energy. What's most important is the shape and the feeling, it doesn't have to be instantly recognisable as a mongoose - if it could equally well be a ferret or a weasel, so be it.

I'm thinking probably black and white, but maybe it would be good to be able to do it inverse, so I can use the logo on black backgrounds (which I seem to be doing more and more).

Any artists out there who can help out?


C_Man said...

here's something i just threw together, hope this helps


Matt Kelland said...

Brillant, C-Man, thanks!