Monday, April 7, 2008

Dammit, Mark!

Yesterday I blogged about the scene I'm shooting in a nightclub. It's been a right bitch trying to get my characters to make their way through the crowd in a way that doesn't look totally crap, and tbh I'm not happy with the results so far.

So today, we get a look at Mark's fabulous new walk code for Moviestorm, which looks like it'll do exactly what I want, and let my guys weave neatly between the clubbers and the tables. Now I want to throw a whole load of the choreography away and start shooting the scene again. Trouble is, the code's not finished, the test version's not even in a build I can get to, and Mark's gone on holiday for a week! Damn, damn, damn!

Like Johnnie said, "Patience, Grasshopper."

I just bought the box set on DVD. It's really cheesy 70s pseudo-Zen bullshit, and it's nothing on Jackie Chan or Jet Li, but still totally nostalgically wonderful. Now I want to make the Moviestorm martial arts pack!


FLeeF said...

Well, Grasshopper, when you can snatch the pebble from my hand, you may have Mark's new path walk. But step lightly; your actor's feet must not make any marks in the rice paper.

Matt Kelland said...

Can I use the pause button?

FLeeF said...

Don't know about the pause button, but liberal use of the infamous Carradine Kung Fu Slow-mo is highly encouraged.