Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Space 1899

What would happen if you took an episode of Gerry Anderson's classic sci-fi series Space:1999 and treated it like a silent movie? Well, maybe something like this.

(On the subject of silent SF movies, rapidly making it to the top of my to-watch pile is Aelita: Queen of Mars, a 1924 Soviet SF film which promises to be rather intriguing. More on this later. )


Ricky Grove said...

Very amusing, Mr. Matt. A swell idea that deserves to be repeated with other great (belch..) shows like Space:1999. I second your Aelita notice and raise you a hefty dose of "Call of Cthulhu" (2007):


Matt Kelland said...

CoC - one of my favourite films. Undoubtedly the best silent film of the 21st century.