Friday, February 1, 2008

Loaded for bear

A new gastronomic experience awaits. We have a friend coming over from Finland in a few weeks, and he's bringing not just some reindeer (which I've had once before), but moose (which I haven't but I'm guessing is similar), and bear (which I've never had, but he assures me is "pretty strong stuff"!).

Taste buds are tingling already...

Get on my plate!


The man bringing the meat said...

Actually, moose meat is quite different from reindeer meat. In my opinion atleast, reindeer meat is quite strong tasting where as moose is bit less strong but has its own distinct taste.

Hugh said...

Awesome. You must write the bear experience up - very curious.

Ricky Grove said...

Boar. You haven't lived until you've had Boar. And also Buffalo. And then there's rattlesnake, frog legs and Rocky Mountain Oysters.

I'm with you in spirit, Matt.

Matt Kelland said...

Yep, had boar. One of my favourite meats, especially braised in red wine, and served in the Auberge Provencal in Cannes.

Had bison too. There's a bison farm near me, and it's excellent stuff.

I can heartily recommend elephant too. In gravy, with chips. Yum.

I'm less sure about crocodile and wasn't so keen on the frogs' legs. Kangaroo, marinated in soy sauce and shoved on a barbie is superb, and so's ostrich.

Rattlesnake sounds good though, must try that next time I'm your side of the world, Ricky. And I'm up for the Rocky Mountain Oysters. Just take me there!

More on the bear: I'm told it's bear salami: they've used about 10kg of meat to make that, and its bloody strong tasting stuff!

Ricky Grove said...

Oh, my God. Why do you live so far away? Our tastes are almost identical. Javalina (wild pig) in Arizona is a rare treat as is wild Turkey. Next time you are in LA, we've got to find a place that serves up rare meat. I just had Elk steak for a big Christmas dinner at Le Chaine (out in Santa Clarita north of LA) Fabuloso!

Matt Kelland said...

Ricky, it's a deal.