Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cambridge Film Fest - submissions closed

The submission period for machinima entries for the Cambridge Film Festival is now over. Thanks to everyone who submitted.

Saint and I now have about 14 hours of machinima to watch, from which we'll be picking around 20-30 minutes.


LifeFactory Writer said...

14 hours of new material! That sounds like fun (and also a bit of work!) I hope the works are good and the process enjoyable for you. Any idea when you will be making announcements? I would also be interested in hearing about any works you thought were quite good but could not select for whatever reason. Any chance we will hear of those somewhere?

Have fun and best wishes!

Matt "The Mongoose" Kelland said...

It was a very enjoyable couple of days. I saw a load of films I'd never heard of, by some very talented people. Some I liked, others I didn't, but the standard of film-making was enormously high - far higher than a few years ago when I wrote the book and ploughed through almost every machinima movie ever made.

We're aiming to make final selection over the next day or so. I'm on holiday this week, so I'm trying to fit in Film Fest work around everything else, and leaving the bulk of the slogging to Saint and Tiffany. Formal announcements will follow once we've notified everyone and submitted our selection to the Festival Committee.

I will probably post something in due course about the movies I would have liked to select. It's been a bit of an ethical issue for me - it could be taken as quite insulting to make posts about "sorry, your movie wasn't good enough". But on balance, I think I'd like to make some personal recommendations of some excellent films which we had to turn down due to length or copyright considerations.