Sunday, January 4, 2009

Loving the ghost

I wrote these lyrics nearly 20 years ago, and found them today while going through old stuff. Here they are exactly as written. I wouldn't write them that way now. I think I had a sort of Yes-ish, Wakeman-ish feel in mind, with just a soupcon of Marillion and Lamb Lies Down era Genesis.

Loving the Ghost

Drawn into a secret world of only two lost souls
There they live among the forests and the stars.
Eternal once upon a time, they have a past that lasts for ever
Still life in an amber frozen moment.

Loving the ghost of a life that never dies
Loving the ghost of a life that never dies
Loving the ghost

He looks at her as if to say, I need to know
Is that a tear of happiness or pain upon your cheek?
She starts to reply, but the answer needs no words.
A touch from her hand says so much more.

Loving the ghost...

"The invisible abyss that hides you from me
Grows stronger as the time creeps ever onward.
Will you cross and be with me, for I dare not,
Though we both can see what lies beyond our sight?"

Loving the ghost...

Every line of their faces reaches out into the past,
As if to rediscover their final tender kiss.
But suddenly they return to their separate cold words
Where all is as it is, not as it could be.

Summer Solstice 1991

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