Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ginger Lincoln and the Antics of Evil

Sometimes I wonder how the QA guys at work manage to stop themselves going nuts. Testing bugs all day calls for a pretty special kind of individual - QA is possibly the most frustrating job in the entire world.

Well, now I know. They make movies like this. (To be fair, since we're building a movie-making tool, making movies is a fundamental part of the job description.) But does it stop them going nuts? Watch it and see for yourself.

I had to use VLC to play the movie, as WMP wouldn't give me any sound. But, technical issues aside, this is great fun. Abe Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, and Colonel Sanders fight the forces of Evil and try to discover who's stealing Christmas. It's got three Stooges style slapstick (which you don't often see in machinima) with more than a touch of Tarantino (which you do), snappy dialogue, and a wonderful "unmasking of the masked villain" scene - all it really needed was to end on a song and dance number.

I wish I hadn't suggested that, not with the new music pack going into QA this week...

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