Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of 2012

All in all, the less said about 2012, the better. However, let me pick out some of the things that I want to remember from the last year.
  1. Best achievement: writing a book in about a week, The E-book Handbook. Not an exciting book, but a book nevertheless, and delivered extremely fast. It's free at GC Digitype, but probably not for long.
  2. Best book: the Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. Great young adult steampunk alternate history with airships, magic, and a rip-roaring story. I even read them as real books, not e-books. Highly recommended.
  3. Best comic: Habibi, by Craig Thompson. Actually, the best comic I've read in 10 years. Maybe the best ever. The artwork is stunning, the story is rich and complex, and it makes better use of the medium than practically anything else I've ever seen. More on my No Capes, No Spandex blog.

  4. Best film: Iron Sky. I wasn't over-impressed with most of the 2012 films, but Iron Sky was glorious cheesy fun. I've followed the birth of that movie since it was literally no more than an idea on the back of an envelope, and have been itching to see it completed for years. 
  5. Best game: Cards Against Humanity. It's sick, it's twisted, and it's hilarious. We've had many wonderful evenings with friends laughing our asses off.
  6. Best album: The Butcher's Ballroom by Diablo Swing Orchestra. It's quirky, it's eclectic, and it's free on Jamendo.
  7. Best live event: watching a guy spray painting sci-fi scenes live to loud music at the Maker Faire. He did each painting in about 5 minutes, and they're fantastic. I bought two.
  8. Best meal: eating cheese, fruit and crackers and drinking wine with Anna on the beach on Anna Maria Island as the sun went down. It was nothing fancy, but it tasted good, and the atmosphere was perfect. That meant more to me than any meal in a restaurant.
  9. Best treat: steering the African Queen and taking her out to sea. Not a replica, the actual boat from the movie. A movie buff's delight, and one of the most memorable birthday presents ever.

  10. Best day: taking my kids out to Glastonbury and catching up with them for the first time in three years.