Thursday, November 24, 2011


Dear America,

Thanks for having me. I really do appreciate it.

Thanks for all the people who've made me feel welcome. Not just my tribe, but the regular people I meet every day, and the ones I've met online. I've felt more at home here than anywhere else I've ever been.

Thanks for the sunshine. It really, really cheers me up. (The young ladies in insufficient clothing bring a smile to my face too.)

Thanks for the Jungle House, the porch, and the hot tub.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see space shuttles, up close, and from my own back yard. That's been awesome.

Thanks for all the cheeseburgers. And the Cuban sandwiches. And the chorizo chimichangas at Pancho's. And all the culinary delights I can't get in England.

And thanks most of all for Anna. Because she's made me happier than I've ever been.


J.R. LeMar said...

On behalf of all Americans: You're welcome.

Armanus said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Matt.

Tari Akpodiete said...

HOT effing TUB?

now i really hate you! well, my back does, anyway!!